Fully Managed Service

  1. Carry out rental appraisal, take photographs, produce details, advertise on Internet sites.
  2. Viewings carried out on the property (Free on our Managed Service)
  3. Find a prospective tenant, credit check and reference
  4. The preperation and completion of AST Agreement
  5. Include a comprehensive written and photo inventory attached to the Tenancy Agreement
  6. Deposit held in MYDEPOSITS (Cost of £25.00 plus VAT)
  7. Inform all utility companies and council tax
  8. Collect rent each month and arrange for the rent to be sent by BAC's payment to your designated bank account
  9. We will conduct periodic visits with an upto date report
  10. We will conduct a checkout when the property becomes empty
  11. Tenant given out of hours contact details
  12. Organise maintenace & repairs
  13. If it becomes necassary to evict a tenant we will prepare and serve notices on the tenant. All associated costs will be the repsonsiblity of the landlord